ALTHOUGH Ms Suzilawati Mohd Rais’ left arm and leg were paralyzed due to a stroke about three years ago, it did not dampen her spirit to participate in various courses to stimulate her […]

“I told myself that I was going to be independent and didn’t want to depend on anyone else.” That is the strong commitment that Mr. Zahid Yassin, 40, has placed upon himself since

There was a time, Mdm Esah Ahmad’s ‘kueh tat itik’ was a favorite of many cake lovers, especially during the Hari Raya season. In fact, the popularity of her special kueh- which got

In the case of Mdm Rose Enjong, who is now ill and has had one of her leg amputated, she remains grateful to still be able to enjoy the love from her family.

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As a former cabin crew, the world used to be his oyster. However, all of that changed after Mr Halimi lost his eyesight as a result of a brain tumour. Around 20 years

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Mr Ezol did not just lose his legs, but also his children, and Zakat remains as a beacon to help him tide through and to support those who are still around with him.

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“I have never regretted any of this. So, if you ask about where my strength comes from, it is from my children. When I look at them, I pray that they will be

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Every month, Mdm Rahimah Yeon will use a portion of the Zakat assistance she receives from Muis to cook various dishes. The dishes are then shared with her neighbours and the staffs at

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Our former Mufti of Singapore, Ustaz Fatris Bakaram once said: “Facts and numbers have shown that it is during the blessed month of Ramadan that our Muslim community becomes an exceptional community filled

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Despite a rough start in their marriage life, Mr Zulkifli Salleh and Ms Nurul Jannah managed to stand on their own through pure grit and determination.  After almost 11 years of living in