It is We who relate to you, [O Muhammad], their story in truth. Indeed, they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.”

Surah Al-Kahf verse 13


Asnaf: Fisabilillah

One of Muis’ focus areas is to strengthen the part-time Islamic education sector and landscape by increasing the quality and promoting higher participation in Islamic education programmes.

Muis continuously strengthens the aLIVE (Living Islamic Values Everyday) and ADIL (Adult Islamic Learning) programmes at various levels through the review of learning materials, professional development of asatizah, and the Islamic Education Fund.


The Islamic Education Fund (IEF) is a funding support scheme meant for part-time religious classes at mosque madrasahs which was launched in 2004 with the following key objectives:

  • Funding for Families – To widen outreach to young Muslims and ensure that no child is deprived of Islamic Education due to financial difficulties.

  • Funding for Centres – To develop a quality Islamic education system via the aLIVE programmes by building capacity of mosque madrasahs and teachers.

More than 4000 students, 800 teachers and 38 aLIVE centres/mosque madrasahs have benefited from the IEF every year since its inception. The benefits come in the form of fee subsidies, training grants, centre support grants and funding for outreach programmes.

Funding for Families (FFF) is a financial assistance from Muis, to assist eligible families to fund their children’s enrolment in the aLIVE programme.  The IEF provides fee subsidies to help defray the cost.

To learn more about IEF and the fundings available in the part-time madrasah sector, you may visit the Muis Islamic Education portal.

In  2020, $1.4M was disbursed via the Islamic Education Fund (IEF) to support the Islamic learning of 4,073 aLIVE students.

Zakat funds are also used to continue enhancing the delivery of Islamic Education programmes through trainings and development opportunities provided for asatizah who are teaching aLIVE and ADIL classes.

760 asatizah participated in professional development courses organised in 2020 to develop and refine their skills in delivering Islamic education. 95% of the participants found their knowledge and skills improved from attending the learning and development programmes funded by Zakat.

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