Muis works in partnership with appointed Social Development (SD) mosques across Singapore to fund and support programmes meant for the poor and needy (asnaf fakir and miskin).

Zakat financial assistance comes in different forms such as:

Criteria is based on Per Capita Income (PCI).
One-time settlement of arrears for basic necessities (utility and conservancy charges).
Rendered in times of crisis such as natural disasters, fire, or emergency medical treatment.
Reimbursement of burial expenses incurred upon death of a Zakat beneficiary.
Subsidies for national examinations, Islamic education, and Madrasah fees.
To purchase emergency food supplies at approved Fidyah retailers islandwide.
Further to these basic social assistance schemes, Muis also works closely with SD mosques to provide socio-religious support programmes such as Islamic learning, life-skills development, and community engagement. Some of these programmes include:
Life skills programmes for all zakat beneficiaries such as Islamic learning, financial management, wellness programmes, and children’s enrichment.
Social befriending service rendered to long-term zakat beneficiaries i.e. low-income elderlies, persons with chronic/critical illnesses, persons with disabilities.
SD ComFund supports projects and services for vulnerable groups in the Muslim community. To apply, please email to [email protected] with subject ‘SD Comm Fund application’.


Zakat financial assistance is complementary to other national social support funds. For more comprehensive support, applicants are highly encouraged to explore other assistance schemes such as ComCare, administered by the Social Service Offices (SSOs).

Zakat is a religious fund contributed by the Muslim public and Muis is required to carry out the due diligence to verify all informations provided by an applicant. Applicants will undergo an assessment interview with the mosque’s Social Development Officers (SDO). The SDOs will determine if you are eligible for Zakat financial assistance.

While Zakat assistance aims to render help to as many people as possible, Zakat funds are limited.

For that reason, an application might be rejected for reasons such as:

Per Capita Income above the qualifying criteria of $500.
Applicants who have children who are working adults and deemed to be able to support the applicant.
Able bodied applicants who are not actively looking for employment after being supported with Zakat.
Incomplete submission of essential documents such as NRICs and income information.

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