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Zakat is the 3rd pillar of Islam and is the determined share of wealth prescribed by Allah S.W.T. to be distributed to the 8 categories (asnaf) entitled to receive it.

A symbol of Islamic social justice, Zakat cleanses your soul, purifies and grows your wealth while eradicating poverty.

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Intention: This amount S$____ as fulfilment of ZAKAT on wealth/fitrah, which is obligatory on me/my family for the year ended ____ for Allah Ta'ala .
Niat: Wang sebanyak S$ _____ ini sebagai menunaikan ZAKAT harta/fitrah, yang wajib ke atas diri/keluarga saya untuk tahun berakhir _____ tunai kerana Allah Ta'ala.
IRAS Auto-Inclusion
Under Section 14(1)(G) of the Income Tax Act, zakat contribution is an allowable expense which is deductible against the contributor's income.

Do you wish to declare Zakat payment via the IRAS auto-inclusion scheme?
If yes, please provide payer's NRIC No. and delaration for the Source of Income of each Zakat type.
Zakat Type
(Jenis Zakat)
Amount to be Paid
(Jumlah Bayaran)
Source of Income
Savings (Simpanan): S$
Business (Perniagaan): S$
Gold (Emas): S$
Shares (Saham): S$
Insurance (Insurans): S$

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